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Cruises - Blue Economy: Cunard’s Queen Anne launched at Fincantieri ¡! The new ship ¨Queen Anne¨ will join the Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth

Published by NAANII GLOBAL + ship offshore com team in TOP yachting, cruises, cruzeros · 7/6/2023 18:50:38
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Cunard’s new ¨ Queen Anne ¨ launched at Fincantieri

The 3,000-passenger cruise ship, Queen Anne, has been launched at Fincantieri Marghera shipyard in Venice exactly one year before it is due to embark on its maiden voyage to Lisbon on May 3rd, 2024.

The 113,000-gt vessel, with 14 decks, has been designed with a strong focus on Cunard’s heritage which dates back to 1840.
The ship will offer passengers world-class dining, exceptional entertainment, and luxurious accommodation, the cruise line said.

When commissioned next year, it will be the first time in 25 years that the cruise line has four ‘Queen’ ships in service simultaneously.
The Queen Anne will join the Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth.

Sture Myrmell, Carnival UK president, commented:
“We are delighted to celebrate this important milestone in the construction of Queen Anne.

The float-out ceremony marks the ship's transition from her building dock to where she truly belongs – in the water. Today marks a significant moment for Queen Anne as we recognise the dedication by the master shipbuilders at Fincantieri to build a ship that reinforces our position as a world-famous luxury brand.”

Speaking for the shipbuilding company, Luigi Matarazzo, general manager Merchant Ships Division, commented:
“Queen Anne is the third ship we have the pleasure to build for Cunard, a pillar in the history of British seafaring, with whom we share a real commitment to excellence. Building a liner for this shipowner takes us back to our roots yet, at the same time, spurs us forward to the future in a spirit of determination to bring together tradition and innovation and further strengthen our longstanding relationship.”

On Board of CUNARD¨s new Ship ¨Queen Anne¨


Fotos: Cunard, all rights reserved

Cruise + Yachting: Maiden voyage - Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection superyacht EVRIMA - 15.10.22: Barcelona to Rome

Published by NAANII GLOBAL + Ritz Carlton Com Team in TOP yachting, cruises, cruzeros · 15/10/2022 16:47:00
Tags: Evrima;RitzCarltonSuperyacht;MaidenVoyage15.10.22;Michelinstarredrestaurant

Blue Economy: New Design partnership Andorra / Lituania set to electrify inland waterway transport

Published by NAANII GLOBAL + WBE Ship and Offshore in TOP yachting, cruises, cruzeros · 14/10/2022 16:32:26
Tags: BlueEconomy;Shipbuilding;26mlongElectricEeldesignAndorraAKYWBE

Tech/Innovation/Blue Economy: Erfolgreiche Jubilaeumsausgabe - 30th SMM Hamburg ¨ Driving the maritime Transition ¨ 5.-9.9.2022 mit mehr als 30.000 Fachbesuchern aus ueber 100 Laendern und 2000 Aussteller.

Published by NAANII GLOBAL + SMM com team in TOP yachting, cruises, cruzeros · 9/9/2022 19:51:17
Tags: 30thSMMHamburg;MaritimeTradefair;DrivingtheMaritimeTransition;Digitalisierung;Innovation;MaritimeTradeFairHamburg;KreuzfahrtbranchewiederaufKurs.

Blue Economy: SMM 6.-9.9.2022 Hamburg is driving the maritim transition. Meerestechnik: maritime Energiewende, die digitale Transformation und der Klimawandel im Fokus 2022 ¡!

Published by NAANII GLOBAL + SMM com team in TOP yachting, cruises, cruzeros · 19/8/2022 12:12:01
Tags: Maritimtransition;Blueeconomy;SMMmesseFachkonferenzHamburg2022;
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