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Classic Cars: Only at IV. Richard Mille - THE I.C.E. - 23.-24.2.2024

Published by Naanii Global and THE ICE com eams in Design+ Style · 7/2/2024 20:18:41
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Only at The I.C.E. Richard Mille

What distinguishes The I.C.E. St. Moritz from all other concours events?
It's not only the fact that the world's most exceptional cars gather on the surface of a frozen lake.

Equally unique is the process in which the automobiles are judged:
The jury of renowned specialists does not only evaluate the cars while standing still.
Equally important is how elegant they pace across the ice.

If you have attended the last editions of The I.C.E., you will certainly remember the sight of the stunningly beautiful 1955 Ferrari 500 Mondial shooting across the ice like a bright blue curling stone, or the fountains of snow shooting up into the deep blue alpine sky behind the spinning rear tyres of Nuvolari's 1932 Alfa Romeo Tipo B / P3 monoposto racer in full drift.
There is something very alluring about a beautiful car skating across the ice – and our jurors will certainly enjoy this part of the show.

This evaluation of dynamic elegance is, so to speak, the icing on the concours cake. But in a famous winter destination like St. Moritz, a place that has attracted the international hautevolée for over a century and that is surrounded by myths, a good story is just as important as the mandatory good looks.
That's why a rather understated, silver metallic Fiat 130 station wagon with a wooden basket on top can park casually (and very naturally) besides a priceless Ferrari 250 GTO – just because it was coachbuilt for the great Gianni Agnelli for his skiing holidays in St. Moritz.
And if you wondered about the Maserati 420M with the lovely cowboy cartoon and Eldorado comic lettering at last year's event, the owner would have told you with a smile that the single-seater aluminium racer had been sponsored by a 1950s Italian ice cream brand.
In fact, every car at The I.C.E. has a story to tell. And you can find many of them online in the official "Ice of Fame".

For the next edition of The I.C.E. on 23rd and 24th February 2024, we can safely say that we have attracted even more elegant, surprising and exciting cars than ever before.

Still, we pride ourselves to be an unconventional concours of elegance, a lifestyle event and a cultural happening – for car lovers, but also for anyone passionate about design, winter sports, fashion, and the Engadin's trademark alpine glitz.
After all, St. Moritz is the world's epicenter of winter chic. So we are looking forward to seeing your personal interpretation of our dress code, the typical alpine comfy warm 'Icestyle'. And no matter if you vote for glamorous 1970s furs, flashy 1980s moonboots or a functional 1990s racing suit, we cannot wait to welcome you on the ice.

Foto: THE ICE, copyright all rights reserved

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